Sunday, August 1, 2010

Images of Raw and Cooked Beef Dishes

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When you shop to purchase beef do you understand what your looking for or what your looking at?  Do you know how to distinguish different cuts of beef raw?

Choosing the perfect cut of beef to cook up a good meal is intimidating to someone who does not have a trained eye.  It took me a while to understand what I was looking at when I would purchase a fresh raw piece of meat.

I do understand many people shop at their local butcher but over time that can be very expensive.  Shopping at the local butcher shop is great especially if you need a suggestion as to what cut of beef would be best to cook up a tender steak or simmering a stew.  Shopping at your local grocery store can save you a whole lot of money in the long run especially if your train yourself to choosing the best cut of meat and keeping an eye out on what the best deal like a special sale.

OK, below are images to dozens of different cuts of beef so when your shopping and stocking up you will be able to pick out what your looking for.  Visual images can help you find what cut of beef you want to purchase.

Distinguishing cuts of beef...

What does chuck look like when you purchase it from grocery store?  Here is a visual to help you understand what your looking at.

Chuck is often used to create ground beef.  The chuck has a good balance of meat and fat which makes it great to create ground beef.
Learn the techniques and cooking methods to cook the chuck cut of beef - Click Here

T-Bone  is a crosscut of steak cut through the bone of the loin section of the bovine/cow.

The Porterhouse above is a crosscut of the tenderloin and strip loin.  Many people confuse the T-Bone and Porterhouse.

Sirloin Steak is cut from the rear portion of the bovine/cow and is partially cut from the short loin.  Above is a perfect picture of a sirloin steak.  You can see the muscle tissue throughout the beef cut.  This kind of tough beef cut needs to be cooked slowly.  To learn cooking methods of beef Click Here.

The top loin offers a good quality, tender and affordable cut of beef.

The Filet Mignon above is the most tender part of the bovine/cow.  Filet Mignon melts in your mouth when eaten and it's great ordered rare or medium rare.  Ordering a Filet Mignon medium, medium well or well is not recommended because ordering Filet Mignon medium and up takes away from the flavor and it's a waste of money.

Round cuts of beef is also known as rump steak.  The eye of the round steak usually has the bottom round and top round still connected with or without the round bone.  Moderately tough and cooking method suggested is moist cooking.  Great for stews.

The shank section of the bovine/cow has tough muscle because the muscles are used often it makes the cut of beef tough.  This particular cut of beef is great when braising or making stews which requires long time to cook.  The shank is widely used for very low fat ground beef.

Slow cooking brisket over charcoal or wood indirectly is the most commonly way to cook it.  Continuous basting is recommended.  Braising cooking method is a great way to create a delicious pot roast.